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Onsite Wellness for Your Business

With expertise in pop up studio design, retail shop setup, and portable equipment for multiple fitness modalities, BFit Atlanta is equipped to design and implement onsite fitness, health and wellness programming. Classes and programing include strength conditioning, HIIT, bootcamp, outdoor fitness, and more. BFit Atlanta has successfully catered to our partners by creating programing to the site specific needs of each project including; space, timeline, budget, service expectations and overall strategic goals.

BFit Atlanta provides signature programming and customized wellness activations for corporations, hospitality groups and boutique hotels. Partnering with notable companies, multiple hospitality groups and boutique hotels, BFit Atlanta provides brand standard, experience-driven fitness activations in group fitness, private training, small group sessions, and outdoor activities

  • Expertise
  • Design & implementation of on location wellness programs
  • Fitness activations
  • Onsite gym design and consulting
  • Planning and execution of wellness events
  • In Studio discounts for your employees


Promoting strong and healthy relationships within the office, paired with quality interiors and amenities, elevates productivity and company culture. Invest in the health of you, your business, and your team! BFit Atlanta is here to help bring health and fitness to the workplace. We will plan a customized class that fits the requirements of you and your group. Activations or workshops can take place at the office or at our studio.


With a branded pop-up studio design and portable equipment, BFit Atlanta outdoor and on-location fitness classes are easily adapted into multiple environments creating a unique and customized experience.

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Class Type: Group Fitness